Private & Online Tutoring

Private Tutoring

Indiana Bloomington Tutor Matching Service

In addition to free on-campus tutoring and academic support services, Indiana University Bloomington has partnered with Tutor Matching Service to offer another resource for IUB and other Bloomington students who need extra help in certain subjects. Tutor Matching Service provides a marketplace for tutors to advertise their services to students.

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Please Note: The ASC is not responsible for the quality of service that students receive from private tutors; if you have a problem with a private tutor, you should contact the appropriate business directly.

Online Tutoring

Writing Tutorial Services

The Writing Tutorial Services (WTS) is intended for anyone working on a paper for any class offered on the Bloomington campus. Students can schedule a free 50-minute online tutorial, call or stop by the  location for help.

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The Finite Show

Student help videos for those taking finite math. Each episode covers a specific chapter broken into sections.

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Student help videos that cover specific topics in physics and familiarize students with equipment in labs.

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Study Skills and General Academic Help

This online video series provides students with the materials and exercises they need to being working to improve problem areas.  

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